Gallery Plugin for Sobipro documentation

Installing and Configuring the Plugin

  • install "" through sobipro Application manager.
  • install any gallery template package you want through the application manager too.
  • go to the section where you want to use the gallery, open section application slide and then click on "applictions"
  • enable the gallery plugin only there is no need to enable any gallery template
  • after that you will notice that a link for the gallery plugin has been added to the "section applications" slide, click it
  • now, you are in the plugin admin side; you can set which image fields you need to show in the gallery.

Showing the gallery in the details View

  • the file to modify is YOUR_SOBIPRO_TEMPLATE/entry/details.xsl
  • paste the following in the suitable place in your html mark-up - basic html knowledge needed here - :-
    <xsl:value-of select="gallery" disable-output-escaping="yes" />